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Sales Demo Overview

Criterion sales demos help you scale, save time and money. Have your sales teams focus on outcomes and not get knotted up with technical details. The sales demo platform helps pre-sales and consulting teams support demos across different geographies by leveraging virtual sales demo environments.

Criterion Sales Demos  bring in consistency in sales demos through one click repeatable demo environments. Sales demos are customizable, reliable and work for complex use cases like SD-WAN, Security, 5G and Cloud.

Hosted Services Sales Demo

Readily Available Use-cases

Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning

Demonstrate the deployment of a new branch site in a network using zero-touch provisioning

High Availability

High Availability

Demonstrates how traffic switch over happens to Internet link when the MPLS link is disabled. Simulate link impairments and show how traffic switches from MPLS to Internet

App Aware Routing

App Aware Routing

Simulate scenarios when link latency is impacted. Demonstrate how traffic switch-over happens between two different applications (Data and Video) when a policy is enabled and also when latency is introduced

App Aware Routing-SaaS

App Aware Routing-SaaS

This sales demo demonstrates how Data-Center internet breakout can be used as a failover when the local internet/DIA breakout is unavailable



 The multicast overlay implementation extends native multicast by creating a secure optimized multicast tree that runs on top of the overlay network.  Use sales demo to demonstrating multicast solutions on a network

Sales Demo For Service Providers

Major service providers globally demonstrates networking use-cases to end-customers every day. As service providers are on a time-bound roadmap to transform their networks, it is important for service providers to showcase latest technologies to end-customers in easy manner.

Partnering with our customers, Criterion Networks plays a major role in the network transformation journey of managed service providers.

Key Benefits of Criterion Sales Demo


Standardization of Sales Demos

Easy-to-use single-click preconfigured demo environments

Reduce dependency on physical devices and prescheduling needs

Customize sales demos as needed

Scales to complex demos including cloud security and integration

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