SD-WAN Course
Mentored Program Objective

Program Objective

  • Program is designed for Partner and their identified leads to deliver a customer PoC successfully
  • PoC is defined as a combination of standardized Proof of Concept (not to exceed 5 simulated locations) or Production Pilot (up to 3 sites).
  • Mentored Program is hosted and delivered through Criterion SDCloud® Portal.
  • Win-Win for Cisco and Partner.
Mentored Program Overview
Cisco SD-WAN

Program Overview

  • Mentoring and design program tailored for prospective SDWAN Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Design and deploy custom SDWAN PoC on Criterion SDCloud® and validate success criteria
  • Expert design consulting and mentoring support from Criterion team
  • Accelerates new SD-WAN service creation and GTM plans

Mentored Program Discovery Documents

Partner Overview

Network Topology

Customer Use-Cases

Key Contacts

SD-WAN Controllers

Mentored Engagement

Criterion enables SD-WAN MSPs

MINT Projects Completed
Criterion Primer Labs
Classroom Training Pods

Mentored Program Deliverables

Criterion Network Openstack

Consulting Hours

Consulting hours are used for Use-Case Document, Designing Virtual PoC Environment and Mentoring during deployment


Virtual PoC

Virtual PoC environment is used for use-case validation, Policy creation and Technology demonstration to endcustomer


Learning Labs

Access to Primer Learning Self-paced Labs for Partner team to learn the basics of the SD-WAN and get started

Mentored PoC

PoC is a combination of standardized Proof of Concept in Virtual Environment or Production Pilot

  • Criterion Designer for customized network topology and Use-cases
  • Ability to generate customer specific traffic and demonstrate realtime scenarios
  • Expert Level SD-WAN Design Consulting for best deployment
  • Migrate Templates and policies from Virtual PoC environment to physical devices with a single click

Mentored Packages

Mentored PoV +
  • Customer Hosted PoV
  • Advanced - Lab Access
Mentored Install
  • Physical deployment
  • Migration - Lab Access