SD-WAN Course

Wizard Based Configuration

To create a new template, click on “File”. It will open up a popup window asking to Create, Open, Save, Delete and Export. To create a template,  enter the name of the template and “Proceed”.

You can create a template through “Manually” as well as “Pre-defined Wizards”

Select your wizard from the Pre-defined wizards and start provisioning your cluster.

Designer Slides
Criterion Designer

Traffic Generator

Traffic Generator is a CLI based traffic generation tool that allows the user to experiment with different TCP and UDP parameters to see how they affect network performance. By tuning various parameters and characteristics of the TCP/UDP protocol, the user is able to enter iPerf commands that will provide an insight on the network’s bandwidth availability, delay, jitter, and data loss.

Link Impairment

Source impairment/ Destination impairment is used to impair the network link on the source/destination side.

1. Select the interface link from the Traffic Generator source machine i.e interface ens4 to vEdge/interface ge0/ 0 to vEdge Router.

2. Select the Source Impairment/ Destination Impairment button on the Right Pane which redirects to Traffic Controller GUI tool.

3. Slide or Enter values for Delay, Loss, and Rate as desired to add Impairment on the source/destination link and Click Submit. Clicking on Reset clears all impairment values on the link.

Network Design
Criterion SD-WAN Designer

Share Your Design Configuration

The Network Design feature will help you share the cluster with ‘n’ numbers of individuals or teams. Using this feature multiple individuals or team dispersed in the different geographic location can get the access to their own tailored made and customized cluster

Engagement Model

With multiple learning tracks and learning courses/modules, customers chose from a wide range of learnings and learning delivery options to best suit their requirements.

PoC Designer Guide
Criterion SD-WAN Designer offering allows users to plan, design and spin up PoV by using a drag-drop canvas