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Criterion SDCloud Platform is a highly scalable on-demand cloud provisioning and deployment platform that enables easy and fast deployment of OpenStack cloud environments with their chosen SDN controller option.

The platform is initially targeted at Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC), and can be used for evaluation, integration testing, learning, solutions development, and concept validation purposes.

With various customization options, our advanced service orchestration engine installs controllers, services and databases, while taking care of any dependencies between services for enhanced reliability. Prior to deployment, the platform allows performance of rigorous unit tests for high-quality, production-grade environments.

Complete, exhaustive user guides and cheat sheets are available to ease your adoption of the platform.





The Software Defined Networking (SDN) ecosystem is an evolving dynamic landscape that is seeing vendors and open-source communities coming up with newer software centric solutions on a regular basis. As organizations are moving actively to evaluate these options, they struggle to put together integrated SDN.NFV.OpenStack environments with their chosen SDN controllers and other solution preferences.

Architects and senior engineers in an organization typically spend several months to put together a test-bed to evaluate the solution architecture, functionality, and the deployment readiness of a solution to meet organizational needs.  Access to an on-demand evaluation platform significantly reduces setup times and evaluation periods.

Criterion SDCloud evaluation platform greatly simplifies the complexities involved in such platforms and addresses dependency issues that have long been major pain points in evaluating new solutions. The platform provides all the key components for a production-grade SDN setup such as HA and SSL. This enables customers to move quickly from evaluation to production-grade deployment.




Available SDCloud Platform Solutions

SDCloud currently offers the following solution pods.

  • OpenContrail-based OpenStack Cloud
  • OpenDayLight-based OpenStack Cloud
  • Neutron ML2-based OpenStack Cloud
  • SDCloud Learning Labs

The current release of the platform provides on-demand creation and provisioning of OpenStack Clouds with OpenContrail, OpenDayLight, and Neutron ML2 as SDN Controller options. The platform also offers SDN.NFV.Cloud learning labs with hands-on guided exercises to help customers retool their work force towards software-centric skillsets.

The orchestrator integration uses OpenStack kilo release, the latest industry-standard, stableOpenStack version. In addition, OpenContrail controller version 2.1 is used.


Criterion SDCloud platform provides many valuable benefits to SDN end-users to make it the go-to platform for all SDN evaluation and learning needs.

1. Solution setup in minutes. Solution architects and engineers no longer need to be bogged down incomplexities and dependencies during the solution setup phase.

2. New solution creation. Users spend more time and effort in actual evaluation of solution features and scalability.

3. Beginner-Friendly. Exhaustive user guides and popular cheat sheets make it easy for even beginners to learn how to develop solutions on the platform.

4. Cloud Economics. Substantial capex cost savings as users do no need to procure physical servers for solution setup. Reasonable Opex cost based on usage alone.

5. Transition to Production Deployment. Since the platform allows for deploying a mini-production setup, it provides a reference architecture and allow users to view how the entire process works in a production environment.

Getting Started

You are invited to request for a demo of the SDCloud platform. We would like to understand your needs and provide you with a detailed walk-through of the platform.

Customers interested to try SDCloud may request for an SDCloud trial account, which is good for provisioning two solution clusters at a time, with a total usage time of 20 hours.

Once the trial account has been fully used, the solution clusters in your account will be terminated automatically. To keep using SDCloud after the trial, customers need to subscribe the accounts based on our available packages, which are designed based on common solution cluster and usage time needs.


We are making several improvements in our SDCloud offering with the addition of new SDN controller and solution options, and would be delighted to hear from you about your experience. We also gladly welcome your inputs. Write to us at to provide your feedback, report issues, or request new features.