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CORD in the Cloud is now available on Criterion SDCloud Platform


ONOS Collaborator Criterion Networks recently expanded its membership and is now also a collaborator of the CORD project. Criterion Networks is a network transformation and solution integration partner for SDN/NFV Solutions to meet the custom needs of Operators and Large Enterprises. Criterion provides an on-demand SDN/NFV solution orchestration platform, Criterion SDCloud for development, evaluation and learning needs accelerating the innovation and deployment roadmaps of its customers. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jayaprakash Kumar, CTO of Criterion Networks, to talk about their experiences with ONOS Project and some exciting new developments Criterion is contributing to the CORD Project community.

What do you think about ONOS Project progress so far? Why are you excited to be a part of CORD Project?

Criterion Networks is one of the early contributors to the ONOS project. Many of our service provider customers typically include some open source offerings to implement their solutions and we find a lot of alignment with projects driven by ON.Lab. The SDN and NFV space has evolved and the concepts are being applied to transform the networks as we know it today. We think that CORD provides an excellent framework to bring together all the elements involved in network transformation and presents an array of opportunities for customers to deliver on next generation network services by leveraging the power of the cloud.

How will Criterion incorporate CORD into its products and solutions?

Criterion has already hit the ground running with technical contributions to the CORD community. ON.Lab recently announced the availability of CORD 2.0, which is built on Criterion SDCloud. The cloud-based development and test environment – CORD-in-the-Cloud (CiTC) – simplifies the task of bringing up and provisioning all components of CORD in reliable cloud based test-bed environments. CiTC with its one-touch provisioning of CORD will help the community realize the full potential of CORD and foster rapid innovation, experimentation, extensions, integration and testing of new services based on CORD.

CiTC is offered on Criterion SDCloud, an on-demand solution orchestration platform that can be used to provision a variety of SDN/NFV cloud based solutions with different VIMs and orchestrators in fully isolated multi-node environments. The highly scalable platform is used by customers to develop, validate and scale test their solutions on a variety of hardware infrastructure options. Some of the well known use cases of CORD like R-CORD are already available for enterprise customers to experiment and evolve based on their specific deployment needs.

CiTC, OpenStack with ONOS and various other OpenStack integrated SDN/NFV solutions are offered as pay-per-use offerings as part of the learning programs offered by Criterion Networking Academy.

What are your thoughts on how open source will advance SDN for the service provider industry?

It’s incredible how many open source projects are incubated to realize new service delivery through agility, programmability and open management of tomorrow’s network infrastructure. Open source is important not only to support the tremendous pace of innovation but also to bring in the transparency, interoperability and consensus around various solutions from the telecommunication vendors enabling operators to deliver on new services using best of breed solutions. The CORD project is a great example of building the framework for complex complex solutions in the open source domain.

Anything else you would like to share?

We welcome you to attend a session on how Cord-in-the-Cloud can be used to accelerate development for CORD at the Open Networking Summit in April 2017. Criterion SDCloud is a unique platform that can be used to easily learn, scale test and evaluate various solutions. The platform is used to test various NFV solutions as part of the CNLabs Alliance Interop event in 2017.

We are excited to be part of the CORD community and look forward to working with our customers on their network transformation initiatives. We welcome Service providers to test drive Criterion SDCloud Enterprise as a platform to innovate, experiment and evaluate various custom SDN/NFV solutions of interest such as CORD within their organizations.