SD-WAN Course

Cisco Enablement Solutions

Proof-of-Value (PoV) made easy with Criterion SDCloud.
Our PoV, SaaS offerings & Mentored Programs for Cisco customers and partners are designed to meet custom enablement needs for network transformation

Criterion Hosted Services for Cisco SD-WAN

Criterion Hosted Services help customers learn, design, demonstrate and deploy custom SD-WAN networks

Use Criterion Designer and PoC Library to plan, design and spin up SD-WAN network instantly. Build various Cisco SD-WAN topologies and run PoV/PoC that include both virtual vEdges/cEdges in the cloud and physical devices on customer premises

Self-Paced Cisco SD-WAN Learning Modules

With Criterion Learning Labs, solution providers can create their own custom learning lab modules and offer white-labeled learning labs as a service

Cloud Integrated SDN/NFV Solutions

Cisco SD-WAN Enablement Programs

Mentored PoV

Fixed scope
Demonstrate 3 key prescriptive use-cases
Pre-built lab environment
Fully virtualized
2 day engagement

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Mentored PoV Plus
slider-2-Criterion Networks

Partially customizable scope
Consulting & demonstration of multiple prescriptive usecases
Pre-built lab environments
Detailed user guides
2 week engagement

Mentored PoC

Fully customizable scope
Design, planning and implementation
Best practices and training
Remote support
4 week engagement

Mentored Install

Design, planning and implementation for installation projects
Best practices and training
Remote support
6 week engagement

Cisco SD-WAN Enablement Offerings

Hosted Cisco SD-WAN Enablement



Criterion scripted demos targeting SD-WAN use-cases for sales enablement and demonstration purposes

Proof of Value


Specialized pre-canned use case topologies, training pods and sandboxes



Allows users to spin-up custom testbeds on demand with virtual and onsite equipment



Migrate templates and policies from virtual PoC environments to physical devices with a single click

Workforce Skills Transformation

Criterion Networks offers complete learning solutions for network professionals to advance their skill-sets for the software-centric cloud era

These onsite and virtual workshops are fully customized to customer needs and are offered with self-paced learning labs

Mentored Proof Of Concepts

Criterion’s Mentored Program helps enterprises and service providers perform proof-of-concept and deploy latest technologies successfully. The Mentored PoC package includes Criterion Designer for customized network topology creation, along with consulting support from expert solution-architects. The Virtual PoC environment also provides capabilities to generate customer specific traffic patterns and validate real world scenarios

Customer Case Studies And Success Stories

Case Studies

Get more insights through our case studies
“The Criterion Networks hosted IZO™ SD-WAN Sales Demo is a great way to engage our customers and quickly showcase the immediate value of our solution. The other Criterion modules, including the learning labs, PoC sandboxes and Designer, are valuable for our engineering and operations teams to equip themselves with highly advanced technologies, and design customized environments to address unique customer requirements.”

Song Toh

VP of Product, Managed Network Services
Tata Communications
“Criterion Networks gave the foundation in enabling solution providers with network transformation & very responsive to the needs that enterprises have for specific customers and react very quickly to the demand we possess. It allows enterprises to represent in a much better way to the customers. Criterion Networks addresses all the training prospects and by leveraging their distributed network, We get much better response for the global customer needs.”

Brooks Borcherding