SD-WAN Course

Case Studies

Sample Customer Case Studies And Success Stories.

BFSI Customer Case Study

When most companies consider SD-WAN, they often think only about reducing costs and making their network more resilient. But, Limited SD-WAN knowledge is the biggest challenge and to overcome this, Criterion Networks provided Criterion Learning Labs and Criterion designer that helped to validate interoperability. Partner team could use Criterion SDCloud to demonstrate it to customer before physical roll-out.

Enterprise Customer Case Study

One of Analytics business model challenge was to connect sites in different countries and a mix of telco’s. High-availability at various network layer (L3, L2 and Security devices) caused design challenges in failover scenarios. Criterion team got engaged after installation was already completed but there were key design and configuration issues in production network. It took less than 4 weeks for Criterion Networks to identify current design gaps, provide solution and validate

Commercial Customer Case Study

Partner’s limited capabilities in SD-WAN domain was key issue and Root-certificates, TLOC extension and control connection configurations were key troubleshooting areas. Criterion’s advance
learning labs focused on each use-cases, were quite helpful for partner enablement. It took less than 3 weeks to configure, design and deploy the use-cases in customer network.

Retail Customer Case Study

Partners Inadequate expertise for complex network designs to attract multiple customers is the major issue. Due to variousness from customers for the service providers, there is no PoC environment for use case validations. Criterion Networks expert Level SD-WAN Design Consulting for best deployment options and Criterion Designer for customized network topology and Use-cases.