SD-WAN Course

BFSI Customer Case Study

Limited SD-WAN knowledge changed with expert engagement

BFSI Customer Study


  • Controllers within Data-center.
  • Direct internet access for Office 365 kind applications.
  • Tloc extension and Service Function Chaining.
  • Load balancing on equal/unequal paths.
  • Application Visibility.


  • To connect more than thousands of sites to SD-WAN.
  • Limited SD-WAN knowledge.
  • No Environment for use case validations due to variety of customers for service providers.
  • More than 40 Use-cases were defined in Success Criteria.


  • Criterion Learning labs to overcome the limited SD-WAN knowledge.
  • Criterion designer helped to validate interoperability and partner team could use Criterion SDCloud to demonstrate it to customer before physical roll-out.
  • Third party firewall integration and SD-WAN controllers for Use-case validation.

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